Should Parents Decide The Career Of The Child?

As parents, you are used to deciding everything that’s related to your child right from which school you should put your child into which career he should take up! But should parents really decide their children’s career? A debatable and burning topic as parents find it hard to suddenly extricate themselves from the responsibilities which they had been carrying out for years. It’s hard for parents to let their children lead their own lives. They would rather shield them from any forthcoming obstacles that would hinder them from reaching their goals.

Experience VS Enthusiasm

Experience counts and parents think they can help their children pursue their aims. Somehow their own aspirations which they have not been able to fulfill comes to the forefront and they pursue their child’s career with dogged determination and a single-minded focus. Blinded by this indomitable spirit and a renewed vigor, that they, this time, they would definitely fulfill all their aspirations through their child! But is the child congenial to the idea? Do they have similar career aspirations? Or were they nursing a completely different aim? If they were, is it really fair to burden them with the parent’s dreams and aspirations? If the parents have the experience they have an invigorating spirit to combat with any trials and tribulations that come their way. They should be given the right to wage their battles, their own wars, otherwise, they would never be grown-up in the real sense of the word!

Parents Mean Well!

Yes, they definitely do whatever career option they take up they think it to be in best interest for their child. But haven’t you heard of instances where a child perhaps exceptionally talented in something creative like music or painting is forced to take up a more paying and conventional job! But the child instead of being happy languishes behind and unable to take the pressure of the tough curriculum they sometimes drop out of college or university. So, what is more, important? a satisfying career where your child is happy or a career where your child feels stressed, unhappy and shackled. Which would you choose? let your child take their own course aided by his unbridled enthusiasm, the child is sure to go places. But your support and your guidance can really do him/her a world of good!

Competition and the Pressure it Creates

The parents are also bound by the shackles created by the society, conventions and norms which define their best career option also peer pressure. Thinking that the child should follow what his/her friends are doing! Whether it suits their interests, aptitudes or not. Every child is different, in their mental makeup, in their approach towards different things, so it is a crime to expect them to behave like moulded puppets. It’s a rather tragic scenario that people tend to club children together good in mathematics so should pursue medical or engineering! There’s a world beyond those tried and tested options, we are still unable to accept the simple fact! Break free from age-old notions and beliefs and then only would be able to embrace the new and the uninitiated. Keep a track on those myriad courses available catering to all different interests, and aptitudes. Give your child the chance to court life even if it does not woo you back! After all, it is their chance to explore their full potential and learn from the mistakes and revel in the wins.

Time to Decide

It is time for the child to take the reins in their own hands and decide on a career that helps them realise their dreams. The parents should help the child to decide by taking them to a career counsellor who would help the child know more about themselves. They would help them to take several tests to know their interests, aptitude and skills. Based on the results of these tests the child can make the cut. The child who always had these skills would feel more confident to take up the particular course which he would always thought of taking up but never really had the courage to take up, because of self-belief. Once he is sure of his interests he could go out and have the career which he always longed for.

Finally, all said and done, while the parents should never pressure their wards in taking up a particular they must be rather objective. Stop their children from being impulsive, understand when the child is going wrong and let him know without preaching him. Recognise his innate talents and skills because as they say” parents know best”. Who would actually know their children more than them?Who indeed? So armed with the right intention they, and the right knowledge they can gently push their children in towards the right path. Though they would be fearful of the consequences, the impending failures would fill their hearts with the fear of the unknown but finally, they have to realise that it is the child’s call! They would have to choose themselves it might not be the best decision but certainly would give them a deep sense of contentment and that’s what matters, really!


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