4 Ways to Heat up Cold Leads

Successful business owners know how important maintaining leads can be. Leads are the best way to find potential customers and convert them into paying customers. Some owners can be discouraged by a lack of leads, or a large amount of unresponsive leads. Just because a lead grows cold, doesn’t mean it can never be fruitful. The people and companies that were on your radar in the past, may still be looking for the service or product you are selling. Here’s what you need to know about bringing dead leads back to life.

Prepare Campaigns before Contact

Decide which strategies you will use to interest leads. Will you be targeting leads on Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook? Then put together content designed for the chosen point of contact. Will you need blogs, video clips, infographics, etc.? Once you have enough material for a quarter of the year, start contacting leads.


Don’t Waste Time on Disinterested Leads

Search through your email for contacts that have seemed responsive to your previous emails. Send fresh emails to those leads that remind them about who you are, the services you provide, and any new updates or offerings available from your business. When reconnecting with old leads, refer back to previous conversations. Offer relevant information – not boring sales pitches. Your email should have an attention grabbing opener along with a concise body with solutions to their problems with links to credible websites. Add a call to action at the end of the email and a “Contact Us” button for more information.

Your Next Step

Send out frequent emails (once a week). Experiment with layouts and formats to increase response rates. Follow evaluation data to see which emails get the most responses. Be creative with the information included in the emails. Try adding photos, graphs, or videos to encourage more engagement.

Seal the Deal

Identify interested leads and contact them directly via phone or social media. This establishes a more personal and impactful connection. When using the phone, contact customers between 10 am and 3pm. The conversation must be upbeat and informative, and be no longer than 12 seconds. When using social media, send short, personalized reminder messages. Correct utilization of all of these steps should make cold leads blazing hot.

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