Making a Good Impression At Your First Interview

Searching for a new job can be a daunting process, but acing your interview may seem even more difficult. With these tips you’ll be well on your way to making a solid first impression and getting a brand new job!

Give Them Something to Remember You By

Bring a copy of your resume or business card to your interview. That way you’ll look all the more prepared, and you’ll have the added bonus of giving a potential employer a name to go with your face after you finish up. Remember that you may not be the only potential employee that the company is interviewing, but you want to be one of the only ones that they remember. Providing them with one additional reminder will only sweeten the deal! Print out a few copies of everything beforehand with online printer Vistaprint, and you’ll be good to go.

Dress to Impress

Appropriate attire and the lack thereof can make or break your interview. Remember to come dressed for the job that you are applying for, and that you want to be able to make a solid impression. You may want to pick up a new suit or similar outfit from a store like Lord & Taylor or Express, or a sophisticated briefcase from Brookstone, before you hit the interview. And you do not need to overspend in order to look professional and classy. Scour the internet for coupons and deals. If you shop smart, you’ll be able to get a whole new look for a bright new future.

Be On Time

One of the most avoidable mistakes to make is showing up late for an interview. No one likes to be kept waiting, and in this case not being on time may cost you a possible job. If you’re travelling from out of town to an interview or you don’t have a reliable vehicle for travel why not consider renting a car through Fox Rent a Car or Budget for ease of mind? That way you’ll be able to show up on time and in style!

With all these things on hand, you’re bound to make a solid first impression. If you’re still feeling a little nervous keep in mind that you have already made it through at least one elimination process to receive an interview. Your potential employers are interested, and you can convince them that you’re the perfect fit for a new job. Just remember to be yourself!

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